Back here I wrote about our experience with cloth diapers thus far. At the time I was still torn between which brands were my absolute favorite. But now, five months in, I am definitely sure that Thirsties are the far and away winners.

Still not sure if pockets or all-in-ones are the best. It literally changes day to day. I love the fit on both types, especially in the front. The fit stays flat, with no inner fluff poking out on the tummy and wetting the front of his jammies. This is where the Alva babies finally failed us. (They’re still okay for the most part, but that gets super annoying.)

So if you’re thinking of doing cloth diapers, I love, love, love Thirsties. Love. I may have an addiction to buying them. (Which I’m trying to break, since we now have ten total in our stash, along with all our other BumGenius and Alvas.)

But they’re so stinking cute! How can I stop until I have all of the woodland and sea creature collections?


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