One of my favorite things about summer break? Having time to sit down and work on this year’s Project Life album.

Project Life scrapbook page on pregnancy
I’ve got lots and lots of journaling to catch up on over the last few months. I’m pretty sad that the first half of this pregnancy has passed with very little being written down. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do a better job of jotting down all these thoughts this summer.
Project Life scrapbook page on photography and pregnancy

With the new Project Life app, it’s very easy to get bits and pieces of bunches of kits, but I seem to always return to the Midnight/Seafoam kits in the end. They just work for me. I made some new cards to showcase what’s going on “at the moment.” Everyone seems to have “currently” cards (myself included), and I wanted to try something different. I made the word art using the Adobe Draw app for ipad. Adobe has a nice new feature where you can send designs from the app straight into Photoshop; I saved it as a PNG for future use and made up the 4×6 card for these layouts.

As you can see, the baby is growing nice and big! I’m starting to really feel it when I’m trying to fall asleep, trying to sit on the floor, trying to sit cross legged, and pretty much trying to make any sort of movement at all these days. We hit 20 weeks on Wednesday, and I cannot even imagine what 40 weeks will feel like!

Pregnancy picture with quote I Love You to the Moon and Back