4 Years.

Today one of my 8th graders asked who my best friend was. “My husband!” I said. (Obvi, As the 8th graders say.) Who else is going to cheese ball around with me like this? Or this? Or how ’bout this one? Four and a half years ago he asked me to marry him, and I said yes with absolutely no hesitation. […]

This week in 8th grade…

My last class surprised a birthday girl who came late by pretending to be deep in thought on the warmup when she came in, only to start playing Dora the Explorer’s happy birthday song insanely loudly over the speakers when she was about to take her seat. I left my purse in the Language Arts room at lunch. Twenty minutes […]

Life of a Photographer

It ain’t easy being a photographer… But sometimes there’s a photo booth. (This one specifically is the fantabulous AmigoBooth, which we offer in our wedding packages. I’m not biased in the slightest when I say, the pictures from this booth blow all other rinky dink photo booths out of the water. It does have one downfall though… Your photographers may […]