2016 Goal Update

If anyone’s been following my blog for a length of time, you’ll know that every year I participate in the One Little Word challenge. It’s easy. Step 1: Pick a word that describes how you want your year to be. Step 2: Make it happen. Last year my word was Embrace (post here), i.e., embrace the changes. I just re-read […]


We’ll, we’re on our way back home from another fabulous Christmas in Yucaipa. It was cold enough there that it actually FELT like Christmas. It even almost snowed!  As usual, we did not get a Christmas photo of our little family. Sigh. People think that photographers have lots of pictures of themselves; really, we have lots of pictures of our […]

Christmas Day

As usual, Christmas has been a long, slow day of relaxing, eating, and opening presents at Chris’ parent’s house. The usual suspects are here: mom and dad, Chris and me, Sarah and Justin, Grandpa Ed. This year we added a one-year-old and a puppy to the mix, which made for a bit more of an interesting time. For the first […]