What’s a new wife to do

… when her husband’s a better cook than her? Or at least more experienced. Or maybe just quicker at throwing meals together. Or just capable of looking in the fridge, tossing some things together, and voila! A dinner! Seriously, it makes a new wife a little worried that she’s not pulling her weight around here. (Except for laundry, anyway. She […]

On being married

We are discovering one of the great things about being married is the leftover wedding candy that gets us through the long nights of photo editing from the honeymoon. In the process of getting this photo: C: “Babe, I dropped a jelly belly on the floor. If you find it… dibs.”

. : zoey’s first birthday : .

I know. You were expecting to see pictures from the wedding or from Hawaii. Well, surprise! I just HAD to finish my pictures from Zoey’s first birthday.  Besides, Chris has been working on the Hawaii pictures. And he’s amazing, so I feel confident we’ll have some photos to show off pretty soon. The lighting was AWFUL until the very end, […]


We are home. It’s fabulous. We’ve got soooo many pictures to go through. Had a blast in Hawaii, but San Diego was calling our names, and when we flew over downtown late Saturday night, we were both very happy campers. And now we’re chilling on the couch (catching up on Glee, How I Met Your Mother, and the Big Bang […]

Short Vids

Aha! I figured out how to work the system! For your viewing pleasure, Chris and I have begun creating ‘short vids’: 30 second clips that will upload easily as opposed to our 4-5 minute regular videos which time out before our slow connection can get ’em up. Three things to note: 1) I am the sole spokesperson of these videos, […]

Internet! Blessed Internet!

My beloved husband tells me I am addicted to the internet. This is because for the past four days we’ve been in Hawaii, it has not been readily available, and one might say it’s made me a bit moody. What’s moody about insisting to check my email on his Blackberry the second we sit down for any meal? What’s moody […]

First Post

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! We’re married! It’s so crazy! Right now, it is Wednesday night, two days after the most spectacular wedding I truly believe anybody has ever had. Chris and I are sitting out on our hotel balcony, looking at our view of downtown Honolulu and the Waikiki beach. It’s pretty amazing. I mean, we are freaking in Hawaii. Hawaii! And we’re […]