Catching Up

One of my favorite things about summer break? Having time to sit down and work on this year’s Project Life album. I’ve got lots and lots of journaling to catch up on over the last few months. I’m pretty sad that the first half of this pregnancy has passed with very little being written down. Hopefully, I’ll be able to […]


So this was quite an amazing Christmas for me; my husband’s parents got me a Silhouette Cameo! I was not expecting this, so suffice to say I could barely finish unwrapping the box when I realized what it was. I think I just laid my head on the box and cuddled it for a minute while feeling completely overwhelmed. “Oh, […]

Project Life: March

We had a ton of fun visiting Salvation Mountain and the Salton Sea over the weekend. We actually ended up visiting Salvation Mountain on the day there was a memorial for the artist, which was crazy. For the memorial, the volunteers were passing out paint cups so visitors could go in and freshen up the paint as needed. Very cool […]

sick day.

Today I’m taking a sick day. The last two days have consisted of the most miserable cold I’ve ever had. I’m just thankful the cold waited it out until the weekend to really get me. And all last week I thought, “Hmmmm… this cold ain’t that bad. Maybe my body’s just doing a really great job of keeping the symptoms […]


It’s here again, people. That month that heralds all the upcoming vacations from work. That month where static electricity runs through your down blankets, hair, and car doors to give you a nice shock. That month where Daylight Savings Time ends and we’re plunged into darkness before we can even escape our work desks.  I’m still crazy busy again this […]