Life right now.

Well, school’s back in full swing again! This is my first year teaching my regular math class while simultaneously being a mama, and I fully expect this year to be ridiculous. Gone are the days of coming home exhausted and just falling into bed for a late afternoon nap. Now the days are go, go, go from 6am until Lincoln […]

Lincoln at 8 Months

Slowly but surely… 😉  At 8 months, Lincoln… – weighs 14 pounds, 10 ounces – pulls himself up on things easily – has started searching all the drawers and shelves in the house for interesting things – plays independently for long periods of time – lights up when he spots mama – got sick for the first time (Hand, Foot, […]

Baby PSA: Plagiocephaly

  Our little monkey’s rocking some new head gear these days. Something they don’t mention at the hospital when they let you take your lovely newborn home? Watching out for signs of a flat head, aka plagiocephaly. In Lincoln’s case, if we had just been watching for the signs, we probably would’ve been able to mitigate the problem from the […]