Tomorrow I go back to work. I’m about as ready as I possibly can be. I’ve got my list of things not to forget tomorrow (pump, parts, bottles, laptop, lunch, lots of water), and I’m only slightly paranoid about forgetting something. I’ve got my morning plan ready, as well as Plan B for when Lincoln doesn’t cooperate with the first […]

Cloth Diaper Update

We love cloth diapers! Here’s Lincoln in one of our faves, a Thirsties all-in-one. When we decided to do cloth diapers back in… oh, I don’t know April of last year (like a month after we found out we were pregnant), we really had no idea how many options were out there. And I was seriously confused at first with […]

Friday Photo Shoot

Lincoln got to go to school to see all the kids again today. I took him with me to watch my students run laps for the jogathon, on this, my last day of maternity leave. I go back to work officially on Monday, and my 7th graders are thrilled. This little guy will probably be less than happy, but at […]

Project Life 2016: Week 2

Week 2! Soooooo much less journaling than Week 1’s page. A currently card sums up a lot of it, and the big journal card goes over Lincoln’s current sleeping schedule. Among other things this week, I worked on prints for Lincoln’s baby book, we had a play date with the other November babies (three of us 8th grade teachers got […]

Project Life 2016: Week 1

Week 1 has tons of journaling, because I added in my blog post about my One Little Word this year. Way more journaling than is usual for me. This week also includes the story of Lincoln’s first drive-in experience. We went to see Star Wars one night, stopping for pizza and soda in Lakeside and then having a little party […]