Lincoln at 1 Month

  Finally got around to making a Project Life page for Lincoln’s one month photos. We’ve been super busy prepping for the Swoon wedding show, but now that it’s over I can spend some time cranking out some photos from the last couple of months. And, since Lincoln’s still rocking his sleep schedule, I’ve been able to grab a couple […]

Sale Time!

Woohoo! If you’re looking for anything fun and engaging for your middle/high school math students, Teachers Pay Teachers is throwing a big ol’ sale! It’s happening just in time for the second semester to start, and it’s for two days only, so make sure you grab up what you need this Wednesday and Thursday. Along with using my own math […]

Moving to the Crib: Day Two

Well, day two was a fail. I went to bed early, so Chris worked on putting the little monkey down tonight. He made three attempts, but Link woke up within ten minutes every time and started screaming. Chris finally put him in the bassinet around 1am. Link woke me up at 4 to nurse, and I realized he had a […]

Moving to the Crib: Day One

Chris and I decided before Link was born that we would have him in our room, in a bassinet by our bed, for the first two months, and then transition him to his own room and crib. And of course we knew in the back of our minds that it might not be up to us–Lincoln might decide to do […]

I’m probably jinxing myself…

Lincoln has been an awesome sleeper in his little seven weeks of life. Seriously, we got a great baby when it comes to the sleeping thing. (I really hope I’m not jinxing myself here.) Generally Lincoln sleeps through the night (10pm-ish to 4am-ish) every night, then goes back down again until anywhere between 7 and 9. He was rocking this […]