Around Here

Just to show a few things going on currently…. Hand cutting classroom decor Seeing Once in a giant group, including Daniel and Jackie. A new baby Holz! Seen at the beginning of year school barbecue. Chris getting to sleep in with our own adorable babies. Finally, they are getting used to just coming in the office to hang out, instead of reek […]

The Beginning

It’s that time again! Pull out those uniforms, kids, and make sure you’ve got yourself enough pencils to the last year! (No, seriously. Please make sure you get enough pencils to last the whole year. I’m so over running out by January.) Last minute, hand cut classroom decor/inspiration. Wowzers, my homeroom parents came through this year on Kleenex and wipes. […]

It’s that time of year again…

T-1 days until school officially starts. And once again I’ve a mix of feelings. These feelings include: excitement devastation creativity disappointment energetic exhausted thinking, “yeah, I’m the best teacher ever!” thinking, “holy crap, how did I ever get hired to teach children?” I don’t know why the looming thought of the beginning of the year causes so much doubt and […]