Random Photo Tuesday #1

Felt like randomly pulling a photo from our collection today. My mouse landed on a photo from March this year, when we were up at Chris’ parent’s house for his mom’s birthday. We were yard sale-ing it up that particular morning, when Chris’ mom decided to bust out the baby blanket she’d been working on. For our first child. Whenever […]

Palm Springs.

So we had a splendid Thanksgiving break. We shot a wedding in Palm Springs last Saturday, then we both had the whole week off for the holiday. Since we were already in Palm Springs, we decided to make a real vacation out of it, especially considering we hadn’t really done much for our one year anniversary in September. This first […]

The Big 2-8

Not for me, though! I’m staying 27 for awhile. But Chris hit the 2-8 mark a couple of weeks ago. We celebrated with a impromptu surprise party (thanks Ry and Jesse for making it over for impromptu red velvet cake!), Chris’ favorite beer (which I had to hide behind Costco-sized bags of spinach and carrots in the fridge), Mexican-style appetizers, […]

Curiosity soaked the cat.

So our cats really like water. I think I’ve established this before. Today, I was taking a shower. And as usual, Jack had snuck in the bathroom and was trying to play with the water pooling in the tub. Now generally, he doesn’t actually play in the tub when the shower head is on. Generally. He’ll totally jump in occasionally.) […]