Still in Vegas

We're still here! So far we've slept in, wii'd it up, won $160, lost $153, been to the strip twice, seen the King's Tournament at the Excalibur, seen the water show (at night) at the Bellagio, seen the lions at the MGM, ate at the casino buffet, played room switcheroo as other family members have checked out, bought new cute […]

Vegas, baby!

Just landed. There are slot machines in the freaking airport! Also it’s 99 degrees right now… At 10 pm! Who knew Vegas is Palm Springs’ twin sister! Also also: Our flight had about ten people on it. We sat in the emergency exit and had all the room in the world. I will only fly at night now, because that […]


Okay, seriously. Who believes it’s already halfway through June? That’s just ridiculous. I’m knees deep in homework muck this week. The Trementozzi Family Reunion: Vegas Edition takes place next week, which happens to be my final week of Health Ed. So in order to have fun next week, all the fun is getting sucked out of this week so I […]