Packing is so overrated.

True that.

But packing means moving, and moving means living in our own little condo, and living in our own little condo means all by ourselves. As husbands and wives should.

We (and by we, I mainly mean Chris) have been lugging boxes down two flights of stairs to the garage all day. Chris also took apart his amazing desk, the one that made me fall in love with him in the first place (petty, yes, but this desk is ginormous). I collected the screws for him, which I hoped might be the extent of my work, but then I had to help lug the big pieces down those two flights of stairs.

Now I’m taking a much-deserved TPA break.

TPA! Blech! What a Christmas vacation downer. I’ve been working on it in any spare moment I have, including late at night/into the morning, when we’re not packing. I am almost done. Just two sections to go. And then I’ll have the freedom to start really getting into this moving deal.

We went to the condo today to get the official keys from the seller. We discovered mold while we were there. Yes, mold! In our brand new house! And this is just two weeks after the HOA sent people over to fix the leaky roof, which was causing the ceiling in the entryway to become water damaged. It’s pretty obvious it’s an exterior problem since that part of the ceiling is directly under an outdoor patio that collects water when it rains, so (fingers crossed) the HOA should be taking the lead on getting it all fixed up. Thank goodness. It’ll just be a bummer when they come in and have to re-do the whole entryway- the water is on the ceiling and in the walls.

Not to worry, of course, because I’ll spend most of January holed up in our new office working feverishly on my double load of classwork for National. I’ve got two classes and only one month left before student teaching starts. I seriously did not think this through when I took four months off for the wedding. It’s always in retrospect, isn’t it?

Anyhows, I’ve got to get back to that delightful TPA while it’s break time. Hopefully I’ll be able to post some Christmas-ish goodness. (I say hopefully because clearly I haven’t even gotten around to posting about our wedding yet. And that was three months ago.) I will leave you with this Christmas video that Chris took of our present opening extravaganza. He set up his camera on a shelf and clicked pictures with his remote all day to make this awesome stop-motion video.


[vimeo 18232847 w=400 h=225]

Trementozzi 2010 Christmas from Christopher Trementozzi on Vimeo.

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      Did you guys have an inspector come out? They should have seen all of this…
      I don't know about you, but I'd be careful about signing any final documents until the repairs are completed and inspected again…

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      Don't worry, Jess. It's recent because of the crazy rains last week. It wasn't there for the inspection to find. We're signing this week no matter what- when you buy a place, it's usually as is, unless you and the seller agree on him fixing things. The seller's already given us a check to fix most of the things we asked for. Mold is just a sad recent development. If it had been before, the bank would have made us get it fixed prior to closing. But it'll be okay. 🙂 It's pretty obvious it's from an outside leak on the porch, which means HOA has to cover the cost.

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