Systems of Equations: Bingo Activity

We made it to spring break! Hallelujah! But seriously, the last few weeks? Crazy Town. Absolute Crazy Town. We’re at that time of year when suddenly that whole idea of “testing” seems to come out of nowhere and slap everyone in the face. Suddenly “testing” has a date. And suddenly you, the teacher, have an official countdown to when your […]

Inauguration Day

So today we had this thing in America called the inauguration for the new president of the United States. My school is awesome, and carved out time during first and second modules for the students to be able to watch it. I wasn’t too sure how they’re reactions would be, and I was definitely ready to put out fires quickly […]

It’s that time of year again…

T-1 days until school officially starts. And once again I’ve a mix of feelings. These feelings include: excitement devastation creativity disappointment energetic exhausted thinking, “yeah, I’m the best teacher ever!” thinking, “holy crap, how did I ever get hired to teach children?” I don’t know why the looming thought of the beginning of the year causes so much doubt and […]