Shrimp with Quinoa and Spinach

Lincoln has had an amazing food day today. And by that, I mean he has probably had the most healthy eating day he’s ever had in his little life (breastfeeding days excluded, of course). It’s been so exciting seeing him eat AND enjoy so much good-for-him food! For breakfast we had green smoothies chock full of veggies and fruits and […]


The other day, when I was trying to grow plants from food (that’s a whole different post), I decided I had a lot of food that needed to be used up. Spinach, cilantro, some shredded chicken, and lots of celery. And since I love just throwing things into my crockpot and seeing what happens, I thought I’d give 10-bean soup […]

Green Lunch

Here’s a secret: I’m trying to eat healthier, but I fail a lot. I feel like I eat okay for the most part. I don’t go through the drive-thru everyday for a cheeseburger and fries, but I do go through quite often for that 69 cent coke. I eat lots of different fruits and veggies in my green smoothies, but […]

Smoothie Update

I’ve been getting requests for my smoothie recipes on Instagram- definitely motivating me to update the daily green smoothie here on the blog. Seriously, though, I just kind of wing it depending on what’s in our fridge, what may go bad soon, or how much time I have in the morning. This morning happens to be Saturday, so I had […]