One (for one more day)

So Lincoln turns 2 tomorrow, somehow. Chris and I are both still shocked we’ve made it to this point. While it seems both forever ago and like last week that we were sitting in a hospital bed cradling him, wondering how in the world we were supposed to take care of this tiny little monkey, it really has been two […]

Oh, 28…

Tomorrow I will be 29, which I’m not very happy about. I don’t feel 29. I certainly don’t think I act 29. So how is it possible that I’m 29? I just don’t get it. In an attempt to be more cheerful about it, I’ve looked through my pictures over the last year to see what I’ve accomplished. It hasn’t […]

It’s my birthday!

In case you don’t know me personally, this is how I feel about August 8: [youtube] Yep, that’s how it goes. Midnight to midnight. Today’s festivities included going to work and getting balloons, a lovely plant that Michelle swears is impossible to kill (going in my new classroom!), and getting a homemade farewell cake from several of my students. […]

The Big 2-8

Not for me, though! I’m staying 27 for awhile. But Chris hit the 2-8 mark a couple of weeks ago. We celebrated with a impromptu surprise party (thanks Ry and Jesse for making it over for impromptu red velvet cake!), Chris’ favorite beer (which I had to hide behind Costco-sized bags of spinach and carrots in the fridge), Mexican-style appetizers, […]

Birthday Time.

So I turned 27 a few days ago. And since I’ve been a terrible picture taker of my own life lately, I threw Old Faithful (a.k.a. my first Canon digital point and shoot) into my purse to document the day. (More on that first picture later.) First up: the morning shot. This is how our mornings look. Chris or I […]

Weekend in Redlands

We traveled back to Chris’ homeland this weekend. Our main reason for going was for Sarah’s birthday celebration. Our secondary reason was to get our taxes done by the most amazing tax guy ever, according to Chris’ parents and Kris and Becky Cowen. They were all correct, as Mr. Most Amazing Tax Guy Ever scored us the biggest tax refund […]