22 Weeks

Holy moly, we’re just a month away from hitting the third trimester! It’s starting to get really real around here. In these last couple weeks, Baby T has really upped his squirming game. I can feel him most at night right when I lay down in bed. Nothing painful yet, just the weird feeling of a teeny baby doing somersaults […]

Cloth Diapers

We’ve decided to go the cloth diaper route, for a couple of reasons. 1) They’re way too cute. 2) Hello, money saver? 3) We’re all about the good ol’ environment. When I started researching cloth diapers, I was a bit overwhelmed. I couldn’t figure out how they worked. Then I realized there were different kinds with different functions: all-in-ones, pockets, […]

Around here

Eating Cookie Crisp cereal. Every single day. I have never been a huge cereal person, and now I am making trips to the store to load up on three boxes of Cookie Crisp each week. Visiting the doctor! Everything’s looking good so far! Attending a Knot wedding function at a new venue in Liberty Station.  His and her drinks at […]