Our little cat people

Our cats have always been raised by humans. The people who fostered them before we got them said they were found at about ten days old with no mama cat in sight. They were bottle fed by the foster parents until they were big enough for food. They were also, apparently, half raised by the couple’s giant dog. All this […]

February the twenty-third

Today’s picture of the day is brought to you by the produce section of the Rancho San Diego Ralphs. As nothing of great interest happened to me today (and I really don’t want to post another picture of my cats… I feel I’m still teetering on the verge of crazy cat lady), I decided to photograph the most interesting thing […]

Sunday Funday

Picture(s) of the day for February 19th Since Kris and Becky were in town, Chris and I lugged our sorry behinds out of bed early (for a weekend), and met them in North Park for breakfast. Because Chris is trendy like that, he picked a hip, tiny cafe called Parkhouse Eatery. It turned out to be pretty cool, but I’m […]