Cooking with Pinterest

I’ve mentioned before that I’m really on a cooking kick lately. I’m growing to love having a Sprouts market about 3 blocks away, especially since I’ve recently discovered they sell spices by the ounce there. I’ve been Pinteresting ways to store spices today, and it looks like Chris and I will be making a special visit to the Container Store […]


Exciting things are going on over here at the Trementozzi house. Chris and I are moving forward in year number two of our business by rebranding. Although, I suppose rebranding isn’t really the proper terminology, since we never technically branded in the first place. (And as I just studied prefixes with my seventh grade ELL tutoring kiddo, I am now […]

January the 21st

It rained a lot today. When that happens, the cats sit up on the windowsill and go on rain watch for us. Then they get cabin fever (not that they’re ever outside when it’s sunny out either), rum amock, get into cabinets, and generally freak out a bit. I had to lock them up in separate rooms for awhile so […]