Hello, hot wheels.

Well, it happened again. Chris went and got me something that I totally don’t deserve. This time it was a new car. I’ve never had a new car. Ever. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever owned a car that cost me (or my dad) more than $2000. That’s how I roll(ed). So when we went down to Mile of […]

1 year, 2 days…

J: Babe, will you rub my back? For just one minute?C: No. Why do you always ask when I’m in the middle of something?!J: I ask when my back hurts.C: Your back always hurts. My back hurts too, you know.J: Awwww, it does?┬áC: Stop! Don’t rub my back! I don’t want to feel guilty for not rubbing yours!

Lessons learned.

Today when I got to my classroom, I was greeted by Student T with: “Miss Jordan! Why didn’t you tell me I was doing so good on my math tests!” I’ve been tutoring this girl in Algebra for awhile now, but she’s only had to take a couple of tests for the course so far. And none of them have […]

Sewing woes.

I have been in a battle royale with my sewing machine for many, many hours. I have one productive thing to show for it: An infant headband for one of our upcoming shoots. And really, the only thing the machine did for me was attach the ends of the lace. Which I could have done by hand. Faster. But I’d […]

Love and Labor on Labor Day

What he is doing on Labor Day:– Slept in– Got morning kisses from the kittens (see photo)– Ate dry cereal for breakfast, cuz we ran out (good) milk– Editing Kayla and David Fish’s photo session-Currently: Still in his pajamas, looking up Nikon products on Craigslist What she is doing on Labor Day:– Slept In– Wii Fit check-in and exercise (-2.2 […]