Reminders of our first home.

Lots of stuff going on right now, but I don’t really feel like venting it all. Maybe later. The gist:Chris and I are shooting his cousin Lexi’s wedding this weekend. We’ve got lenses rented, flashes ready to go, batteries charging as we speak. We’ll be driving up with his parents, his cousin Bethany (whom we used to live with), and […]

Weekend in Redlands

We traveled back to Chris’ homeland this weekend. Our main reason for going was for Sarah’s birthday celebration. Our secondary reason was to get our taxes done by the most amazing tax guy ever, according to Chris’ parents and Kris and Becky Cowen. They were all correct, as Mr. Most Amazing Tax Guy Ever scored us the biggest tax refund […]

Life and Battleship.

Life’s crazy right now. Either I’m at work or at home (or on alternating Thursdays sitting in a four hour seminar class), either grading, or teaching, or planning. These are my daily activities. When I get a chance to go off-book and check up on my google reader, or edit some photos, or update my own blog, I usually just […]

New kid on the block.

We’ve added a member to our little family: The Nikon D90. This is the first meeting between the new siblings: And yes, I’m aware I’m ridiculously weird, to stage a standoff between our old babies and our new baby. But you know what? Ryan’s actually the one that took that money shot. With his cool iphone. 🙂 I took the […]