This weekend was crazy busy, crazy fun, and crazy me didn’t get nearly as much as I wanted done. Eh. That’s what Monday’s for, right? Catching up on stuff you ignored over the weekend. Or waiting till next weekend. (And the cycle continues.) (Chris knows what I’m talking about.)(Love you, babe.) On this weekend’s schedule:1) Friday night we had Sonia, […]


We finally got to decorating over this three day weekend. Pictures were printed and hung. Artwork was placed. Candle holders were strewn about nicely. And because I’m more in love with the iphone’s beautiful picture taking capabilities than my husband is in love with those stupid angry birds, I have created a little sneak peak into our little home. Using […]

So how did your day go?

Today my car stalled right when I was about to get on the freeway. Stupid car. And stupid people for honking at me, even though I immediately put on my emergency lights. You know what emergency lights indicate, people? That something’s wrong. So please don’t honk. You just look rude. After that, the day wasn’t so bad. At lunch, I […]


Sometimes, when I think of all the things going on, and the little time I have to write them down to look back on later, I get all bummed out. When I look through my blog from a couple years ago, I LOVE being able to see in such detail what life was like then. It’s so hard to find […]

Math Lessons

Thank goodness for random Friday holidays. (Okay, so I hear it’s someone’s birthday weekend, but it’s not like anyone knows who, right? So. Random Friday holiday.) Crazy events transpired this week: I started student teaching. Let me backtrack to explain my student teaching, in contrast to almost everyone else’s student teaching. If you’re almost everyone else, when you go in […]

New Year.

Chris and I started out the new year doing a newborn photo shoot for one of his best friends (yes, one of the infamous Ch(K)rises) and his wife, and his wife’s sister and husband, who had their baby on the same day. Yes, these cousins were born on the exact same day, isn’t that wild? I can’t post many, because […]